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The PC Tracks app for iOS
The PC Tracks app for iOS
The PC Tracks app for iOS
The PC Tracks app for iOS


Ready to streamline your audition prep process? Presenting a masterclass? Now you can listen to a real orchestra recording, have a perfect MIDI-instrument playing, and stay right in sync with the metronome. You can create playlists, save your tempo and volume settings on each track, choose lead-in time between excerpts for mallet or instrument changes, and change the tempo of any track to your exact performance or practice tempo. New tracks being made regularly to cover all your audition needs. Included with any membership.

Live masterclasses from the world's best percussionists.

Our world-renowned faculty will help you advance your career. We record and translate every live class for on-demand viewing in your language.

The Percussion Conservatory Studio 2023 Faculty


The Repertoire

Develop your orchestral percussion knowledge and learn what the audition committee is really listening for. This expansive excerpt library contains 169 performance and in-depth tutorial videos, all designed to help you win a job.

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