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The Percussion Conservatory is an education platform composed exclusively of world-class percussion content.

We collaborate with dedicated professionals who share our vision to create a
comprehensive library of percussion performance media. Our world-renowned faculty leads our Studio: a live, weekly masterclass series with the goal of helping percussionists effectively advance their careers. Every class is recorded and translated in 17 languages for on-demand viewing for our members.

We've also partnered with William James to offer
The Repertoire. Between both memberships, we're on a mission to teach the entire orchestral percussion repertoire, and beyond.

But for us, this simply wasn't enough. We wanted to go further to fulfill our vision of making a classical percussion career accessible for anyone who wants one.

That's why 10% or more of every purchase goes directly to The Percussion Conservatory Scholarship. Our mission is to grow our scholarship fund every year and create a full-tuition, percussion scholarship.
The Percussion Conservatory Scholarship
awards one recipient enrolled in an undergraduate or masters program a Grand Prize each and every year, starting from 2021. Our first scholarship winner was Gabin Kim, from Seoul South Korea!


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