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This platform is open to any and all members who seek to improve and enjoy the classical percussion percussion artform. The content found on this website is meant to be available and inspirational to everyone, regardless of race, religion, background, gender, age, or any other particular categorical descriptor.

If at any time a member is found to be using violent or hateful language, harassing or bullying other members, illegally sharing content, or taking any other action deemed inappropriate by the Conservatory, they will be permanently removed from the site. 

In short, please treat your fellow members with respect at all times. The purpose of this website is to fund scholarships for students and to advance the percussive art form, and it will take an incredible amount of hard work from hundreds of people to make that happen. Let's all do our part to keep this community a welcoming, inclusive space for all during that process.

I'm very happy that you're the type of person who reads a Terms and Conditions, because it's nice to know they meant something to someone! We need more people like you in this world.

Joshua Vonderheide

Founder and CEO
The Percussion Conservatory

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