Develop your orchestral percussion knowledge and learn what the audition committee is really listening for. This expansive excerpt library contains 169 performance and in-depth tutorial videos, all designed to help you win a job.

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Level up your audition skills.

The Repertoire gives valuable insight into the mind of the audition comittee. Over the course of these videos, you'll learn the process Will used to win over the panel and what he now listens for in auditions.



Will demonstrates that when you overcome the challenges of the instrument, you can convey brilliant musical ideas with ease.

William James The Repertoire Snare Drum

Snare Drum

When it comes to Snare Drum, Will is a true expert. He simplifies the hardest technical passages while teaching nuance and flair.



Will discusses why sound quality is king, mallet choices, risk vs. accuracy, and how to achieve the right character on an excerpt.



Demanding repertoire requires creative solutions and Will has no shortage of those. Learn the tricks to making this instrument sing.


Crystal clear reference recordings.
Ultra-detailed tutorials.

St. Louis Symphony Principal Percussionist William James teaches you his entire approach to the orchestral percussion repertoire, helping you shape your own artistic voice through the instruments. Immerse yourself in performance and tutorial videos of over 100 commonly asked excerpts in auditions for orchestras, music festivals, degree programs, and more.

Part #1 - Performance

Professionally produced by audio engineer Paul Hennerich in Powell Hall. Listen to every nuance, color, phrasing, and tone in stunning HD. Get an elite-level sound in your ear.

Part #2 - Tutorial

In-depth, clear explanations of concepts and challenges found within each excerpt. No stones are left unturned. Music is on the screen to follow along, measure by measure. 


The Repertoire is the gold standard.

Music is a subjective artform, but The Repertoire is objectively superb. Titans of the percussion community have used The Repertoire to prepare and succeed in auditions, and to help their students do the same.


The Repertoire is available in five languages and counting.

A team of expert percussion translators went sentence by sentence over the entire video series and created subtitles with our community in mind.

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Learn from the best

William James

At age 25, while still a member of The New World Symphony, William James won the Principal Percussion position with The St. Louis Symphony.  After a decade of experience and performances with many of the world's top orchestras, Will's work has set a new standard for percussion education and continues to influence musicians all over the world. 


Ready to level up?

  • 169 performance & tutorial Videos

  • Over 80 pieces included

  • 100's of excerpts covered

  • Easily search for any excerpt

  • The exact information you need to win your next audition!