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When you join us at The Percussion Conservatory, it's a win-win-win-win.

That's right. Four wins (at least).


  1. You leave a blueprint and legacy for all those to come after you.

  2. You help raise the international level of percussion playing.

  3. You fund scholarships for ambitious young artists.

  4. You get paid.

In short, you're doing something good for both yourself and your community.

Here's how it works:

  • It's free to join.

  • You'll be in good company. Our Artists are top players and educators in our field.

  • We'll create a custom Artist Page for you, with your own custom URL.

  • We'll create a unique Video Channel that will only contain YOUR videos.

  • You can create any videos you want, submit them to us, and we'll upload them for you.

  • We'll help you both price and market your videos to maximize their effect.

  • You'll get paid monthly via PayPal for all your content downloads.

The first 10% of proceeds fund the Percussion Conservatory Scholarship.

The more they learn, the more you earn.


If you're interested in joining The Conservatory, or want to learn more about what being on our roster is all about, please...

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