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Thank you for your interest in The Percussion Conservatory Scholarship Competition!

This scholarship competition is available to young percussionists worldwide, and will be awarded to any current PC Member age 17-25 as of December 1, 2023.

Because this annual scholarship is largely funded via membership fees,
you must have an active Percussion Conservatory membership in order to apply for the competition. You can purchase a membership by clicking here.

The Grand Prize winner will receive 
$4,000 for advancing their career, an Opus One Snare Drum of choice from Majestic Percussion, a stick bag with 6 pairs of mallets of choice from Encore/Salyers Percussion and a Lifetime All-Access Membership to The Percussion Conservatory. Applicants will be expected to document how they used their award to advance their percussion career. Acceptable uses include tuition for college, music festival fees, instrument purchases, or other uses approved by The Percussion Conservatory. Two runner ups will be named and they will receive an Opus One Snare Drum of choice* from Majestic Percussion, a stick bag with 6 pairs of mallets of choice from Encore/Salyers Percussion and a 4-year Percussion Conservatory Studio Membership.

*Excluding Cast Iron Drums.

Please submit your application by November 16, 2023 in order to apply!

Our judges are excited to hear your audition tapes, and wish you the very best of luck!


Here's Chaerim Park's Winning Submission from 2022!


At The Percussion Conservatory, we're striving to create a fair and transparent judging process. Judges will listen to the tapes/applicants completely "blind" meaning that they will listen to an audio-only version of the tapes in a randomised order. All of our judges take the adjudication process extremely seriously and maintain an open mind to interpretation. Applicants are scored 100% on merit with a standardized scoring process between judges. The candidate with the highest average score will win the Grand Prize. All applicants will be sent comments about their audition upon request. We understand applicants have varying levels of access to recording equipment and instruments in terms of quality and accessibility, so please still apply even if you are simply recording on your phone/computer/tablet in a practice room. Should you have any questions about recording, please contact us here.

Judges this year include, but are not limited to:

Matthew Strauss Scholarship Judge
The Percussion Conservatory PC Logo.png

Matthew Strauss
Houston Symphony

Scholarship Judges 2023.jpg
The Percussion Conservatory PC Logo.png

Greg Zuber
Metropolitan Opera

Edward Choi Scholarship Judge
The Percussion Conservatory PC Logo.png

Edward Choi
Seoul Philharmonic

Joshua Vonderheide Headshot 2023 Majestic_edited_edited.jpg
The Percussion Conservatory PC Logo.png

Joshua Vonderheide
The Percussion Conservatory

June Hahn (2).png
The Percussion Conservatory PC Logo.png

June Moon Kyung Hahn
Tianjin Juilliard

Stephen Kehner_edited.jpg
The Percussion Conservatory PC Logo.png

Stephen Kehner
Oregon Symphony

John Parks Percussion_edited.jpg
The Percussion Conservatory PC Logo.png

Dr. John Parks
Florida State University



Video recording, must be played continuously in this order:


  1. Any two or four mallet solo/movement of choice on marimba, xylophone, or vibraphone.

    The maximum length of the solo/movement is 8 minutes. The solo must be unaccompanied, meaning you may not use any electronics, backing tracks, or other accompaniment of any kind.

  2. Etude No. 6 from Douze Etudes by Jacques Delecluse for Snare Drum

  3. The following orchestral excerpts:

      Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade Mvt. IV [P] - [U]


      Copland: Appalachian Spring Suite (full orchestra) 5 after [48] – [50]

      Messiaen: Oiseaux exotiques (Exotic Birds) [6] – [7]


      Dvorak: Carnival Overture Opening – 4 before [C]


Short Answer Question:

  • Please answer the question in English (you may use a translator) that is found on the form below.


The video recording must be uploaded to a content hosting platform that creates an accessible URL link. We strongly recommend using a free upload service such as YouTube or Vimeo, but a GoogleDrive or other file-sharing link like WeTransfer is also acceptable. Please test your URL link to ensure it is readily accessible/viewable. The URL must remain live from November 16th - December 1st 2023 for adjudication.

The video recording must be continuous (pieces played back-to-back), contain unedited audio and video, and the applicant must remain in the video frame for the entire performance.

The applicant must play the pieces in the specified order. The applicant should try to keep the time between pieces minimal, preferably under one minute.

Short Answer

How would you use this award to advance your percussion career?

Please double check your application. Then...

An error occurred. Please make sure you have filled out all required fields.

Thank you so much for applying to The Percussion Conservatory Scholarship. We will email you with your result on or before December 19th, 2023

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